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Birding Tips and Resources

Innovative Bird Feeder Really Keeps Seed Dry! April 15 2019

April showers make a mess of bird feeders... except this one!

Holiday Gift Guide for Birders, Gardeners and Artsy Folks! October 13 2018

For birders, gardeners and those who love quirky nature-theme decor... find the most unique birdhouses, cool bird feeders

Best Nyjer Feeder Out There? October 12 2017

After many years of feeding Goldfinches and other species that love thistle seed- I’ve discovered that one particular type

Coolness of the New Quad Suet Feeder August 03 2017

Get fruit, nesting material and suet all in one conveniently mod bird feeder that lets lots of birds dine on the inside or outside...

Gift Idea 9- Suet & Finch Feeders that Won't Break the Bank December 11 2016

Check these fun feeders for long-lasting gifts that get seen and used daily... without breaking the bank!

Gift Idea 5- Edible Birdhouses & Festive Seed Treats November 23 2016

Gifting an Edible Birdhouse like the Bed & Breakfast or Wren Casita is really like two gifts-in-one!

Gift Idea 3- Copper Bird Feeder November 15 2016

Know someone who's serious into feeding the birds?

Dealing with Live Mealworms? February 24 2016

Sometimes it's the only way to actually attract blues to your place.

Try a Window Bird Feeder... for Your Cat! February 21 2016

And it's all very good as the feline is rightly within his own confines, yet able to witness and experience the great outdoors and wildlife safely - without maiming or killing!

Help Birds Thrive- This Sale Bird Feeder Does More January 29 2016

Although days are getting longer, spring seems miles away in many locales.