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Traffic's Been Slow at Your New Bird Feeder?

September 29, 2018 2 min read

Slow Traffic at Bird Feedrs in Fall?

Bird traffic in your yard may seem a bit slow- but resident songbirds are still around…

Leave a hummingbird feeder up in fallRight now in the southeast, hummingbird and mealworm feeders seem to be the busiest spots. With migration winding down for the tiny sprites, we’re seeing mostly males as females and juveniles have headed to their winter breeding grounds in South and Central America.

Although fall's official first day was last week, signs of shorter days and falling leaves are just starting.

Do keep at least one hummingbird feeder up for stragglers further north of your locale. It's a total myth that leaving your feeder up will keep the birds from migrating... it's really pure nonsense as they're driven by instinct- complements of Mother Nature!

The fall season generally presents bountiful natural food sources. Traffic is slower because food in the wild is plentiful this fall and there seems to be an abundance of growth from late summer rains. Fruit and berry-producing trees and shrubs are filled with treats while fields are grassy with seeds, weeds and seed nuts which resident birds adore.

Whole Peanut Bird FeederSuet, seed and peanut bird feeders may not seem very popular- but as days get shorter- natural food sources become more scarce as we head into winter. You can bet that jays, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches and all the other usual suspects will be back at your feeders in full force.

Can't be bothered with waste that come from feeding whole peanuts? Shelled peanuts are the answer, offered in a groovy wreath style feeder!
Shelled Peanut Bird Feeder

Offer birds a welcoming habitat year-round with food, water and shelter. Fresh water is a must, especially through frigid weather. Consider a birdbath heater this year if temperatures dip below freezing. Give birds places to roost in the form of birdhouses, roosting boxes, and mature evergreens and shrubs. Keep a small brush pile in the corner of your property. What may seem unsightly at first- turns into a bustling spot where birds forage and even roost.

Keep bird feeders and the ground below them clean. If birdseed’s not your thing… definitely try offering suet… you can easily make your own!

Tail Prop Suet FeederA suet feeder attracts many species, offering extra calories for energy to stay warm through freezing winter weather. Suet is so convenient and easy to feed and it leaves no waste or ground mess. A Tail Prop Suet Feeder offers larger woodpeckers (like red bellies and red headed) a comfortable way to perch as they can leverage themselves on the extended bottom portion of the feeder.

Welcome birds and help them thrive year-round. The sights and sounds will brighten up the dreariest days of looming winter months! ahead!

Happy Birding and Happy Fall Y'all!