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Clamp-On Deck Bracket for Bird Baths & Feeders

Clamp-On Deck Ring for Bird Baths, Bird Feeders and Flower Pots.

Catch great close up views with this innovative deck-mount ring. Easily create an oasis for feathered friends right outside your window! Clamp On Deck Ring's 8"inch diameter allows you to place a variety of shallow bowls or decorative saucers inside for simple use as a feeder or a bath.

Top hardware is flush with ring, allowing for larger diameter baths/feeders to rest on top and over the deck rail.

Also perfect for flower pots and plants, endless possibilities! Hand forged iron lasts a lifetime, sturdy clamp on hardware fits most deck rails up to 2.5 inches thick or tall.

Measures 8" or 14" diameter
Item Weight 1.0 lb.
Material: Steel
Made in India 8"
USA Made 14"