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Rainbow Finch Feeder

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Get more goldfinches to your place and keep these sweet birds year-round!

Thistle feeder boasts 18 feeder ports and so cool when all perches are occupied with bird's bright yellow summer plumage.

Thistle (or nyjer) seed won't germinate- means no weeds below the feeder and squirrels usually leave thistle feeders in peace!

Stainless steel hanging wire makes for easy placement from a branch or feeder pole. May be hung in sun or shade, finches, pine siskins red polls and others will flock to this fun tube feeder!

American Goldfinches are considered resident birds in most parts of North America. Feathers turn from lemon yellow to a drab olive-brown in fall. The only songbirds who molt twice per year, watch for their vibrant yellow color again in spring!

Rainbow Finch holds 2.25 lb.
Super Rainbow Finch holds 5 lb.

36" tall
Material: Plastic
USA Made