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Bungee Cord Deluxe Squirrel Feeder

This Squirrel Feeder is an absolute hoot!

Put up a Squngee and watch squirrels bungee jump for corn--this squirrel feeder promises action packed entertainment. The Squngee Bungee Cord is a squirrel feeder that holds two ears of corn, or long-lasting corn logs. Upper portion of the cord conceals a tight spring, which is covered in fabric to protect squirrels' little toes. Sturdy construction features weather and squirrel tooth-proof metal that will last for years to come.

It's a great gift for those who like feeding squirrels, or folks who are looking for a way to detract squirrels from bird feeders. A small bell alerts you when a squirrel jumps on the feeder, so just head over to the window and enjoy the show! America's number one selling squirrel feeder, with quality guaranteed to last for years.

Up-Down and Back and Forth Range is approximately 12-18 inches, depending on the fatness factor of the individual squirrel!