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Butterfly Meadow Bird Bath-Locking Top

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Stoneware Pedestal Bird Bath is handcrafted with wonderful attention to detail. Attract more songbirds and keep them coming back to your place!

Butterfly Meadow bath set features a glazed bowl interior for easy cleaning. Lock-Top system allows you to twist-lock the bath onto the pedestal for added security. With rust proof aluminum pins to promote stability, they're less likely to break than those used on other locking pedestal baths. For removal simply twist lid in the opposite direction.

Hand detailed delicate artwork with vibrant butterflies and wispy grasses grace the tinted aged moss pedestal. Designs borrowed from nature complement the garden or landscape beautifully.

A bird bath heater is recommended (by birds) for winter use. Clay is a natural material which contracts and expands with temperature changes. Sustained freezing weather may cause damage or cracking to birdbath bowl.

Measures 22" tall x 17" diameter x 2.75" deep.
Item Weight: 30 lb.
Material: Clay/Pottery
USA Made.