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Dr. JB's Clean Hummingbird Feeder & Hummer Helmet

Dr. JB's Best Hummingbird Feeder and the Hummer Helmet Weather Guard offer the best combo for your hungry hummers!

It's the new solution for cleaner feeders!
Dr. JB's 16 oz. Clean Feeder is said to be the best Hummingbird Feeder Ever!

Dishwasher safe glass (place all parts of the feeder in the top rack of the dishwasher). Fantastic features on this hummingbird feeder include a wide mouth jar for easy, no mess filling and cleaning.
•No drip design - even in high winds.
•Unique 2 piece base.
•Innovative flow-control design.
•High-quality removable parts.
•Bee resistant inner base.

Bright red Hummer Helmet lures more hummingbirds! Red baffle weather guard works as both rain and sun guard to protect nectar from summer elements. Use it in winter as a squirrel baffle to keep pesky squirrels off your other bird feeders too. Complete with hanging hardware, works beautifully with this hummingbird feeder.

Please Note: When hand washing any feeder with soap, or when using the dishwasher, always follow up by rinsing well with water before re-filling with nectar.

Dome measures 12" in diameter
Hummingbird Feeder Measures: 8" x 7.75 x 7.75

Question:  How is the hummingbird feeder bee proof? I have a big problem with bees and wasps taking over the feeder and chasing off my hummingbirds.
First, it does not have “yellow” flowers as most hummingbird feeder ports do.  Many experts believe that yellow attracts bees.  Also, Dr. JB’s unique baffle system in the base keeps nectar from spilling and splashing through ports... in even windy conditions.  Spilled nectar is often what attracts bees.  The baffle system keeps the nectar far enough away from ports so bees and wasps can’t reach.

If you are having problems with wasps and bees at any hummingbird feeders, please wash the outside of the feeders and move them.  This will greatly reduce your bee and wasp problem.