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Eco-Egg Birdhouses

Groovy Egg Birdhouse is sustainable wood for the coziest nest site!

Eco-Egg is made of fast-growth albesia wood with vivid color that pops in the landscape. Provides excellent insulation for birds, making this abode the perfect nesting and roosting spot for smaller birds like warblers, Carolina wrens, titmice and others.

Small though substantial- unique birdhouse will host feathered friends for many seasons to come while adding a splash of color to the garden.

Fun bird home features include:
•1.25-inch entry suits smaller songbirds
•Ventilation and drainage
•Decorative hanging cable
•Easy clean-out via two screws on base.

Choose Red, Blue or Green.

Measures 8" x 6" (without hanger)
Item Weight .75 lb.
Material Wood
Handmade USA