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Felted Wool Birdhouse-Rubber Ducky

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Wild Woolies provide choice nest material and a real home for birds!

Rubber Ducky birdhouse is made from felted wool and hand-died yarn, an ideal nesting site for feathered friends. Sustainably harvested materials including sheep wool, natural hemp and bamboo are used by skilled Fair Trade artisans in Katmandu to create wonderful art and bird homes.

Wool naturally repels water and sheds rain, so when the surface gets wet-it dries quickly. Give feathered friends a fine place to raise their chicks, they may even snag some colorful fibers for nest building. 1.25" entrance is perfect for chickadees, titmice, wrens, and other small cavity-nesting birds.

Wool birdhouses are designed for year-round outdoor use, and will maintain their structure for a few nesting seasons. Color may begin to fade if left in direct sunlight for extended time.

Measures 8.5" x 5" Cord is about 8"
Item Weight: .50 lb
Material: Wool, Hemp, Bamboo
Made in Nepal

Committed to creating fair and ethically traded products that enrich and enhance your life, this manufacturer is a founding member of Fair Trade Federation.
• Made in Nepal by Fair Trade artisan group
• Traditionally hand-felted with natural woolen fibers
• Made with renewable and recyclable material
• Provides jobs for urban and village women
• Environmentally friendly dyes
• Safe and healthy working environment