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Stoneware Toad Houses

$ 59.00

Weatherproof Stoneware Toad Houses offer up cozy digs for leaping and crawly friends!

Unique Toad Abodes are highly functional garden sculptures to attract beneficial critters to your place. Toads will eat thousands of insects daily and help to rid your garden of pests the natural way. 

Placed in a shady spot, they provide a secure, dark and cool place for escape from predators and oppressive summer sun. With an innovative design, unique toad houses have no floor- allows salamanders, frogs and toads to burrow into cool earth.

Provide a perfect habitat for beneficial ones to flourish and thrive. High-fired stoneware with copper wire and glass beads will withstand sub-freezing temperatures, safe outdoors year-round.

Choose Leaf, Pansy or Modern design for an unusual garden accent and some functionally cool character in your landscape!

Hand Made in Canada,
Measures 12"  x 4.5"
Item Weight 5.0 lb.