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AquaDuck - Floating Duck House

The AquaDuck by Heartwood... it's where the term "Lucky Duck" came from!

Well maybe not, but this luxury floating duck house has all the best features a mama duck could wish for.

Architectural duck house with innovative features offers a substantial home and real nesting site for ducks on your pond or lake. Two duck walks and two openings with optional partition provide for duplex housing if desired!

With a roomy interior, the Aqua Duck is crafted in solid cypress, with a galvanized roof cap that adds timeless beauty to the detailed construction. Large arched entrance and wooden ladder accommodate nestlings with easy entry and exit from the shelter. Styrofoam secured beneath the solid cypress platform is what makes the Aqua Duck float. Includes wood shavings, further enticing ducks to start a nest.

A simple but elegant structure, the Aqua Duck brings life to your pond while providing a critical (and posh) nesting spot for ducks. Luxury Floating Duck House will last for years of use and enjoyment, and is sure to host many successful broods at your place!

Heartwood creates all of their wildlife homes by recycling salvaged cypress from various sources. Low carbon footprint... no trees are destroyed in their manufacturing process.
Made in the USA.

43" tall x 30" diameter
42" square
Entries 9" tall x 6.5" wide
Item Weight 75 lb.

Ships in 3 boxes, some assembly required.
Incurs $150 oversize rate.

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