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Heated Deck-Mount Bird Bath- 60 Watt


Provide a consistent fresh water source and you'll entice more wild birds... it's guaranteed! Use this bath year-round, simply unplug and store your extension cord in warmer months.

Features granite gray outer ring with black insert. 60-watt heater operates automatically to keep water from freezing down to -20° F. You'll attract more birds in frigid weather because birds prefer water over snow! It takes energy (calories) to convert snow to liquid... calories they need to endure another cold night.

Perfect depth for birds to bathe and wade comfortably, durable bath features powder coat metal for long lasting use. Components manufactured in the USA, one year manufacturer's warranty.

Only flame retardant materials are used. Quality heated bath offers a fully insulated heating element which sends heat directly upwards, conserving energy. Full insulation also prevents condensation within the heated bowl insert which can corrode the electrical contacts rendering the product inoperable.

Measures 14" diameter x 3" tall