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Huge Hand Forged Daffodils

Way larger than life daffodils create a substantially unique accent for garden or landscape!

At 4 feet tall, these flowers will take center stage with simplistic and gentle form, nature magnified for a grand display.

Unusual sculpture is created with steel plate and hand plasma torch. It's shaped over a coal fired forge and weld fabricated for indefinite use and enjoyment. Placed outdoors to develop a weathered rusted patina finish, the process is hastened by salt air breezes from the gulf.

Flowers may be lightly coated with a clear, flat oil based enamel to offer further protection from elements, polyurethane or lacquer is not recommended, set of two daffodils, Made in the USA.

Large 48" tall x 23" bloom
Small 33" tall x 15" bloom
Weight 29.0 lb. approximate