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Solar Hanging Bird Bath

$ 104.00

Solar powered bird bath bubbler will have feathered friends flocking to your nest in no time!

14-inch diameter birdbath is crafted of durable stoneware that withstands outdoor exposure. Rich cobalt glazes accentuate the concentric circle design for a unique and attractive watering spot for avian visitors.

The sight and sound of moving water entices more birds, keeps baths cleaner too. Easily swap the solar pump for a bath heater in winter when water freezes and birds desperately seek fresh water sources. Ideal size and depth for all birds to splash, bathe and wade comfortably.

Solar Pump is available as one-piece unit as shown, or as separate panel with 10 ft. cord. This allows the bird bath to be shaded while the panel receives sun (depending on your set-up). Panel does require full sun to operate, does not store energy.

Bubbler option is recommended, or small head with straight spray pattern (as shown). Small solar pumps have big power and tend to overshoot the 14" diameter bowl. Solar Kits do feature 3 fountain heads, complete with 30-inch hanging chain.

Solar bird bath bubbler will attract a variety of birds to your garden, including hummingbirds.

Measures 14" diameter x 30" tall (with chain)
3" Deep at Center
Item Weight 4.5 lb.