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Large Teak Wood Bowl with Glass Inlay

Unusual teak root bowl adds character and color to any space.

Salvaged teak root is paired with recycled crushed glass for a unique effect and stunning contrast. Suspended in hi-tech resin to create a one-of-a-kind accent for indoor decor or garden area.

Organic forms in brilliant blue are set against natural hues and texture of teak. Then encased in durable resin to remain indefinitely. Weather-proof for outdoor use.

Large teak and glass decorative bowl is ideal on the deck, patio or indoors, designs vary slightly as each is piece is handcrafted with individual characteristics.

Measures 15" diameter x 3.5" tall (approximate)
Item Weight 8.5 lb.
Material: Teak, Recycled Glass, Resin
Handmade Java, Indonesia