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Oasis Step Bath and Drinker

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Offer an oasis for birds and beneficial garden wildlife with the Step Bath and Drinker.

Fresh water is critical for birds, butterflies and bees too. The bird bath's shallow step design lets everyone sip and bathe with ease.

Crafted from a new and sustainable material, the Oasis Bird Bath is a mix of recycled plastic and natural bamboo fibers making it durable for all seasons.

Featuring a geometric pattern on an ample perching rim, it's finished in a pale moss color with rough texture for a natural stone look. A small pedestal lifts the birdbath just above ground. Perfect on a balcony, small deck or patio, and of course in the garden for easiest access.

The perfect addition to any wildlife habitat, the Oasis Step Bath and Drinker is an ideal gift for any nature buff on your list!

Measures 12" diameter x 2.17" tall
Item Weight 2.1 lb.
Material: Recycled Plastic, Bamboo