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Deluxe Recycled Bluebird House- NABS Approved

A most durable Bluebird House that rocks, it's North American Bluebird Society Approved.

Made from recycled plastic with lifetime guarantee to never crack, split or fade. Muted taupe base with blue roof look great in the landscape, features two side doors that are marked for cleaning and viewing. Entrance is 1.5 inches for Eastern Bluebirds.

Other features include a raised screen floor to reduce blowfly infestations, and front wall screen to assist climbing chicks when it's time to fledge the nest! Predator-guard and overhang roof, with proper vents and drainage to keep nest dry and cool.

Mounting Flange sold separately.

Measures 11” long x 8.5“ wide x 12-5/8” high
Item Weight 3.0 lb
Material: Recycled Plastic
USA Made

North American Bluebird Society Approved