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Large Metal Tote Planter

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Flower power tote planters hang on the wall or stand on their own, vibrant color and whimsical design for good vibes indoors or out!

Large metal totes are at home on the porch or patio, ideal for magazines or kindling on the hearth. Use as a vase for dried flowers or stash the cat's toys inside! They're versatile for indoor decor or sheltered outdoor use.

Recycled metal with hand painted rustic finish are used to craft these unusual planters. Fair Trade Artisan pieces are handmade in Bolivia, each is unique.

Metal Tote Planters are happy art for home or protected outdoor use. Fab and lasting gift for someone with everything. Easy to hang with large handles, inner raised shelf 4.5" from top of bag.

Choose Orange, Teal or Pink

Measures 14" wide x 6" deep x 13.5" tall (with handles)

Item Weight 3.0 lb.
Material: Recycled Metal
Handmade Bolivia