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Sky Cafe Squirrel Proof Feeder


The best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder anywhere!

Lots of songbirds can gather at once on the circular, full-view patio. Even cardinals, who are a bit shy about landing on narrow spots are eager to feed from this generous platform. Hang or optional pole-mount, in clear, green, blue and orange.

Check out these specs:

  • 17" diameter squirrel-proof dome.
  • Large capacity 1 1/2 gallon bucket.
  • Clear-view, easy-flow seed dispensing.
  • Maximum space tray design
  • All hardware included.
  • Lifetime warranty on squirrel shenanigans.

Measures 17"diameter x 17" tall
Item Weight 6.0 lb.
Material: Acrylic, Metal
USA made

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