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Sonic Shield Bird and Pest Deterrent

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Great news... after all we tried for keeping the birds off my awning this seems to be working Hoo Ray!!

Forget the spikes, scare owls and ultra-sonic gizmos, no chemicals, no gimmicks, just plain and sight to deter problem birds from virtually any space. Customer above placed their Sonic Shield upside down in a plastic bag and was thrilled with results for keeping house sparrows off their awning.

It scares animals and birds away from awnings, lawns, patios, decks and balconies using sound and light. Features a motion sensor that triggers a scary dog bark and flashing LED light when anything crosses its path. Many common pests can not even hear ultrasonic frequencies, but audible sound does the trick!

Small and easily portable, Sonic Shield runs on 4 AA batteries. Place the product where problem birds and pests persist- then watch them take off!

Compact pest deterrent is lightweight and easy to position anywhere on the house or in the yard.

Measures: 3" x 5" x 5"
Item Weight 2.0 lb.

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