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Tree Frog House

The Tree Frog House is designed to attract the long-legged ones by offering a safe, moist and comfy resting spot. Handsome frog abode contains an interior water reservoir providing moisture tree frogs need to survive. 

With custom adaptations like toe pads and long legs, most tree frogs... live in trees!  Approximately 30 species of tree frogs reside in the US and Southern Canada, none are poisonous (you'll find these guys in Central and South America).

Simply hang the house 4-6 ft. high on porch column, tree or building. Placing the house near an outdoor light source works best. Although nocturnal, they don't require sunlight but tree frogs are drawn to the light with evening activity.

Tree frogs will typically emerge from the house right before dark and rest in the house during the daytime. You may also see several frogs using the house at the same time. Green and Gray Tree Frogs are the most common species in the Eastern US.

Shelter for tree frogs is made of recycled plastic (poly-lumber), it will never fade or crack. Features a removable roof for easy cleaning after summer season, complete with easy instructions.

What if Jeremiah was really a Tree Frog? He'd deserve the best house out there!

Check out the video to see the Tree Frog House in use.

Measures 20" tall x 3.5" wide x 3.75" deep
Item Weight 2.75 lb.
Material: Recycled Plastic, Stainless Screws
USA Made