Copper Roof Bird Feeders & Matching Garden Shed

Copper Roof Bird Feeders Get Matching Garden Shed

Copper Roof Bird Feeders and Custom Work

Monica in Triangle Virginia purchased a copper roof bird feeder for her yard. After receiving one bright copper roof feeder... she decided on a second patina copper feeder to "balance" the landscape. With her father's scheduled visit from Italy, Monica wanted a meaningful building project he could work on while he was here.

She really wanted a small storage shed for garden tools and bird seed, but sought something elegant to blend with the surroundings.

We went to work with one of our artists and came up with dimensions, proportions, and a gorgeous patina copper roof to match the feeders. Her father built the shed and installed the roof, with the final results no less than perfect! Below are a few photos of the project and yard that Monica was so kind to send us.