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NYC Park Makeover using Birdhouse Kits

August 09, 2015 2 min read

One NYC Birdhouse Kit Project

In April 2011, we posted the following blog about about one school's birdhouse kit class project for a park make-over in New York City.
The Village Community School had inquired about eighty wooden birdhouse kits. Upon hearing the plan for this cool multi-class project and park make-over, there were many great ideas stirring as far as how we could help to make the project a fun and successful one. 
Getting the kids interested was important, and by adding colorful bright accessories, we thought it would spark their interest. Lots of Pop-Outz recycled plastic suet feeders were added (free) with instructions for creating and adding nesting materials with the finished birdhouses. By asking the kids to gather some simple items found at home, nest building would be highly encouraged around the park.
The suggestion of adding some bird feeder kits was raised, but the administrators declined, as they believed spilled seed might attract some undesirables. So, with this in mind we sent along some suet to further entice feathered friends. Explaining that with suet there's no ground waste - the idea worked out well.
Although we never received photos of the park and finished project, there were some lovely thank-you notes from the kids and teachers. It was truly a pleasurable experience helping this school pursue and complete a large-scale project that ultimately benefited feathered friends!


April 13, 2011 posted by birdhouse chick @ 12:17 am

An elementary school in New york City has a great idea that’s going into action! Eighty school children at Village Community School will each assemble their own bird house kit, decorate, paint it and help install all 80 bird house kits in a nearby park.

When administration first contacted us, we were more thrilled with the idea itself, than the net profit from a sale. So much so, a deep discount was offered on the bird house kits, and they received a plethora of extras to further entice birds, and to get the kids more involved while making their project a huge success.

Chickadee, Wren and Eastern Bluebird wooden birdhouse kits were ordered, but 16 packages of assorted nesting materials were graciously added. In addition, there was a wonderful Stokes Bluebird Book, and 24 “Pop-Outz” recycled plastic suet feeders, (which are perfect for offering nesting materials) along with a pamphlet on “attracting nesting birds” for each child to take home.

Although bird feeder kits and bird food were thought not to be a smart idea for the area, we also sent along a few suet cakes and explained there would be no ground waste with which to contend. Now I can’t wait to see pictures of the project in progress or the finished product. Park services will be taking care of the water aspect as far as birdbaths or small ponds, making sure there are ample fresh water sources to help birds thrive. The birds in this area of NYC are getting a great make-over!

By the way… the tooled leather birdhouse kit shown here is actually recycled plastic-and super fun to assemble. It provides a real nest site for feathered friends and lasts for years to host many successful broods!