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Fall Migration and Your Resident Birds in Winter

September 06, 2011 2 min read

Bye-Bye Birdie?... Not Just Yet!
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They're not really gone...
Your backyard bird feeders may seem a bit slow this time of year... but it isn't bye-bye birdie just yet!
Hummingbirds and other migratory friends have started their journeys to warmer weather in Central and South America, but many of your resident birds who brave harsh winters are still around.
Although food in the wild is plentiful this fall, the outlook is bleak for wild birds and frigid winters. There's an abundance of growth right now resulting from the spring record rains (especially in the east). Fruit and berry-producing trees and shrubs are filled with treats, while fields are full of grasses, seeds, weeds, and coneflower. The abundance makes this fall a delightful smorgasbord for songbirds!
BUTas winter winds begin to blow, insects will disappear, and the berries and seeds of fall will be long gone. This is when birds revisit your feeders... and with a vengeance!

To help keep seed fresh, look for feeders that encase or enclose seed completely.
The All Weather Feeder does just that with a truly innovative design. Birds perch on the large platform below and get seed f rom above-in the protected seed ports.
This feeder truly is weather-proof!   

Most tube feeders work pretty well at protecting seed too. This hand crafted Wave Feeder accommodates thistle or sunflower seed, and is guaranteed to attract new visitors! Tray and platform feeders are best when used in conjunction with some type of rain guard or cover, protecting food from the elements.  

And to help keep feeders full... look for the bargains on birdseed! Keep in mind the cheap seed attracts some larger predatory, and less desirable birds that will harass your songbirds. Go for the quality bird seeds with better pricing instead. Try local Feed & Seed Stores for your best bet. Bulk quantities of nyjer, sunflower hearts, and better quality seed mixes can be found more economically than at birding retailers or "Big-Box Stores". (shhh... don't tell them we told you!)  

Jays, Chickadees, Woodpeckers, Tufted Titmice, Nuthatches, Warblers and even Bluebirds (in some areas) will over-winter. Aside from suet and a variety of bird foods, always offer a fresh water source and places to roost, and these beaked buddies will stick around for the duration.
Why Suet packs a punch: It provides the extra calories for energy needed to stay warm through freezing winter weather. Suet is convenient and easy to feed, leaves no waste or ground mess, and it's enjoyed by many species. If you've never fed suet, we strongly advise giving it a try! You'll find fun suet feeders at The Birdhouse ...and a free cake or plugs to get started right away!   

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