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Be Wise and Shop Now for Holiday Birdhouses

2020 Holiday: Bird Baths, Feeders and Birdhouses are Flying off the Shelves!

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Unite for Earth Hour 2020

Unite for Earth Hour 2020

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Birdie Favorites for Winter 2020

Winter 2020 Cold Weather Favorites

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Watch Bird Feeders for Sanity and Science

Watch Your Bird Feeders for...

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Dovecote Birdhouse Gift

Holiday Gift Idea 12: Go for the Dovecote!

A stunning Copper Roof Birdhouse promises to be the magical gift for
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Unique Garden Decor

Holiday Gift Idea 11: Unusual Garden Decor

Fun stuff for the garden makes a swell holiday gift... because just being outdoors is good for the soul :)
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Handmade Church Birdhouse

Holiday Gift Idea 10: Rustic Church and Vintage Birdhouses

Handmade church birdhouses are crafted with vintage hardware, reclaimed wood and treated tin. A most unique and thoughtful holiday gift as all are limited quantities and/or one-of-a-kinds
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Unique Bird Feeders

Holiday Gift Idea 9: Unique Bird Feeder

Unique bird feeders offer magical moments for years of unplugged time... get them hooked on birds!
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Cool Bird Bath Accessories

Holiday Gift Idea 8: Bird Bath Accessories for Moving Water

Accessories like solar fountains, misters and bath drippers rock! Fresh water is known to attract more birds
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Bluebird Houses

Holiday Gift Idea 7: Bluebird Houses

It's with very good reason they're deemed "Bluebird of Happiness". So just why would you give a bluebird birdhouse in December?

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Unique Planters and Wind Chimes

Holiday Gift Idea 6: Unique Planters or Wind Chime

What do ya mean- they're not into birds???
Wreath Planters or Wind Chimes are brilliant gift ideas because
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Unique Bird Baths in All Styles

Holiday Gift Idea 5: Bird Baths to Bring them Flocking!

Fresh water is the easiest way to entice birds... no large yard required! Go for a hanging bird bath or tall birdbath gift to make their holiday rock!
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Recycled Metal Yard Art

Holiday Gift Idea 4: Recycled Metal Yard Art Animals

Recycled Metal Yard Art makes a super fun garden gift! Find goats, chickens, pigs, cows dogs and more... sans the chores
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Handmade Hummingbird Feeders

Holiday Gift Idea 2: Handmade Hummingbird Feeders

Find beautiful ceramic and glass hummingbird feeder gifts for no-mess and long-lasting use
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Unique Birdhouses in All Styles

Holiday Gift Idea 1: Unique Birdhouses, of Course!

Get the perfect birdhouse gift without breaking the bank...
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Copper Roof Bird Feeders

Holiday Gift Idea 3: Copper Roof/Vinyl Bird Feeders

Impress that special someone with a Copper Roof Bird Feeder that's guaranteed for life
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Help Birds through Fall Migration

Fall 2019 Newsletter- Mesmerizing Migrations

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Where to find unusual birdhouses

Where to Buy Unusual Birdhouses?

Where to find the most unusual birdhouses
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Spring Newsletter 2019-TheBirdhouseChick

Spring 2019 Newsletter

Bluebirds are already nesting but it's not too late for a bluebird house
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Add a Leaf Mister for Hummingbirds

Add a Leaf Mister to Get Pollinators at Your Garden

Get healthier gardens this spring and summer by attracting pollinators to your place with
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