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Celebrate Fall Migration and Residents Birds too! October 03 2016

Hummingbird's Crazy Time!

They're still hanging...

and fattening up for their journey south. Although it's officially fall, activity around feeders is still fierce in many states! Help the tiny sprites along with a tad stronger nectar solution during migration. Typically 1:4 (pure can sugar to water) birds benefit from the extra calories at 1:3 ratio.

Leave one feeder up- even if you think they're gone! Hummingbird Society president, Ross Hawkins always advises leaving a feeder up for stragglers from further north. Your feeder will not make them stay... it's a total myth.

Unique Hummingbird Feeders   Oriole Bird Feeders

Orioles... you may catch them on the flip side!
Peak migration is Aug. & Sept. for Baltimore Orioles, though a bit difficult to recognize as birds are molting their feathers. For Bullock's, Sept. is peak migration, with some birds still molting.

Grape jelly and orange halves are favorites, any type of dish feeder works well for jelly. Try an orange half pierced on a small protruding branch, or check out the Clementine feeder above.

Goldfinches... they stick around
Considered resident birds in most of the US, watch as vibrant yellow plumage gives way to new Big Finch Bird Feedersolive-drab winter feathers, they're one of few birds who molt twice per year. Appetites are voracious at thistle feeders right now, and hanging a mesh thistle sock is an inexpensive & easy way to please the crowds. The Rainbow Finch Feeder is fantastic for big crowds, a sight to behold when all perches are occupied!

Bluebirds... they hang too!
Close-knit and family oriented, bluebirds are also residents in most locales. With a decent breeding season, many folks reported 3 and some even a 4th brood! Watch for their molt now, making it more difficult to tell who's who among juveniles.

Meal worms are their absolute favorite, but creepy-crawlies need not apply! Dried worms provide just as much protein and if you steep them in boiling water for a few minutes, it softens the worms for greater appeal... to the blues anyway!

Not so much now, but prior to breeding season, consider using calcium carbonate powder to avoid egg bonding in females. Because too much of a good thing isn't always good, worms dusted in this calcium supplement help balance nutritional needs.

Visit the website for comprehensive information on anything bluebird related, there's great info on all native cavity nesting birds too.

Talk About a Heat Wave
It seems every August is the hottest yet on record... this one took the cake! Each morning birds sat eagerly on our leaf misters awaiting relief in the fine mist of fresh water. Aside from fliers, turtles, frogs, lizards and a few wild turkeys found relief in the puddler below one mister.

Whether they stay or go, all birds need fresh water. It's the easiest and most effective way to attract songbirds. Solar fountains, bath drippers and leaf misters are ideal for warm weather, but nothing beats a heated bird bath in frigid winter months! All are available as separate accessories, consider adding one to your existing bird bath to further entice feathered friends!
Chickadee on Laef MisterMod Bird Bath-Bird Feeder
Separate Bird Bath HeatersSolar Fountains Sold Separately

Swell ideas for birds in fall

  1. Leave one up: hummingbird feeder
  2. Leave the leaves: create a brush pile in one corner of the yard for cover
  3. Clean out birdhouses: provides roosting spots through winter
  4. Give feeders a thorough cleaning
  5. Offer one new type of food: try your own suet or banquet mix
  6. Offer fresh water: make it move or heat for winter
  7. Slap peanut butter right on a tree trunk once weather turns cold
  8. Prevent window crashes: unobtrusive decals really work
  9. Plant with birds in mind: provide natural food sources and shelter

Hummingbird Feeding at FlowerNew Native Plant Data Base!
From Audubon, simply enter your zip code for a neat list of native plants to enhance the landscape while helping wild birds thrive.

Providing natural food sources and shelter has never been easier, a fail-safe list of hearty flowers, shrubs and trees tailored for you & birds... for many seasons to come.Visit to find your plants!  

See What's Migrated Our Way!

Copper/Vinyl Houses & Feeders
Monitor bluebirds, 24-unit martins, large capacity and classic design
Copper/Vinyl Bluebird House for MonitoringCopper Roof Martin Birdhouse with 24 Units
Large Capacity Hanging Vinyl Bird FeederClassic Post-Mount Bird Feeder with Copper Roof

Rustic Birdhouses and Bird Baths
New styles in aged and reclaimed materials
Rustic Barn Wood BirdhousesRustic Church Birdhouse with Large Cross and BellTall Colorful Church Birdhouse
Large Ground Birdbath-Natural Wood TextureTeak Ground Bird Bath with Copper Inlay

Fun Stuff in the Garden
Metal yard art, creative pots & planters, art poles... and more!
Rustic Hens Metal Yard ArtTwo Old Crows Kinetic Balancer
Unique Pots and PlantersVinyl Art Poles in 12 styles

Stained Glass Birdhouses and Bird feeders
Select Colors ~ON SALE~
limited quantities

Stained Glass hanging Hopper Bird FeederStained Glass and Copper Birdhouse

Great Gift Ideas + Cool Wares to feather Your Nest too!
GreenMan Door Knocker and Gate Keeper
Smiling Buddha StatuaryNamaste-Frog Sculpture
Rock Carin Water FountainBlown Glass Hummingbird SunCatcher

Fall Leaves
Get Free Shipping on $125+

Wishing Y'all a Happy Fall!



Dovecote Birdhouse in White Garden September 11 2016

Vinyl Dovecote BirdhouseAbsence of color can be simply stunning as pictured in this all white garden for example. When Janet mentioned mounting her dovecote birdhouse on a birch tree's broken branch- we must admit, it sounded a bit odd.

To our surprise, the pics she later sent after installation were pretty cool. The tree's white bark served as the mount for the large birdhouse. The residence (also white) serves as a perfect backdrop, and the white roses along with white ground cover proved a lovely accent.

dovecote birdhouse mounted on tree limbThe 4x4 post-mount collar with vinyl brackets almost seems like it was made for the lopped-off branch, the fit is perfect. And even though the yard area is on the small side, fine details and scale do tie everything together nicely.

This vinyl dovecote features a cypress shake roof, lending itself to a more cottage or Victorian style. Sealant or waterproofing is recommended for these roofs prior to installation, and every few years beyond to preserve the wood. The vinyl? No worries of maintenance... ever! Although they look like wood, vinyl will never warp, crack or split. From small to tall, this dovecote features three entries with perches (also available with copper portalsl) it's ideal for the usual suspects; chickadees, nuthatches, bluebirds, wrens and other resident songbirds.

Thanks for sending the pics and sharing your yard... may your new birdhouse host many successful broods over the years!

All white cottage garden with dovecote accent


We Must Have Good Taste in Birdhouses? August 19 2016

Today we received this badge from HOUZZ!
Beth Wheeler in Dallas, GA on Houzz

It means 1000 folks have saved items from our shop on the popular marketplace for all things home and garden. From our copper/vinyl birdhouses to rustic teak garden decor, activity is brisk and customer reviews are stellar!

Copper Roof Birdhouses earn 1000 saves on popular marketplaceEveryone in the world may say they're unique- it's the chic thing today... but it just ain't so! When an online  store automatically uploads an entire inventory from a manufacturer or distributor... there's nothing unique about it at all.

Hong's Temple Teak Arbor Bench    Teak-Driftwood Birdhouse

Teak Root BenchCurate: To select, organize and look after products in a collection
It's what we do best (along with personal customer service for a fab shopping experience). Searching far and wide and often locally for the most unique birdhouses, wild bird feeders, bird baths, yard art and cool home accents!

Recycled, reclaimed, innovative, functional, local, classic, modern, whimsical and everything in between are just a few of the requirements or qualities kept in mind. And when you love what you do, it's obvious in many ways. Products are handcrafted by those who have passion for birds and art.

Check us out on HOUZZ for our condensed version of fine home and garden offerings!

New Birdhouses: Victorians, Rustic Logs, and Vinyl/PVC August 12 2016

Colonial and Victorian BirdhousesSome very cool birdhouses are arriving weekly!

Nesting activity may be winding down for the season, but your resident birds will take kindly to roosting in any of these fine birdhouses through fall and winter!

Real estate is tough out there for feathered friends, and there's so many good reasons for installing a birdhouse.

New styles arriving for fall and holiday include highly detailed Victorians, rustic log-fronts, and durable vinyl/PVC in some pretty awesome designs.

Whether post-mounted or hanging, a new birdhouse at this time of year still offers refuge from inclement weather and from predators. They help resident birds thrive.

Rustic bird houses like these log-front styles give birds and nestlings ultimate protection with their naturally deep predator guards! Logs are chosen for their distinct form and texture, while the best ones provide deep entries that keep thieving paws at bay. Watch for new styles coming to the site this week under our rustic birdhouses section!
Rustic Log BirdhouseRustic Birdhouse with natural predator guard

Another popular category of housing is the vinyl/PVC line... you can't beat it for durability and good looks! From our copper roof birdhouses (that actually look like wood) to the new art vinyl bird abodes in vibrant colors (from original wood-burned art) both provide a place birds will be thrilled to call home.
Vinyl Bluebird House with Copper RoofVinyl Birdhouse

Gifting a birdhouse for any occasion is a fabulous heart-felt idea- there's styles to match virtually anyone's personality and tastes. Not only helping local cavity-dwelling birds, they're an engaging gift with purpose.

A birdhouse can involve the recipient - however much or as little as desired, making it interactive... far & away better than any virtual experience! From an old testimonial, one customer had told us this: "My friend loves her birdhouse.  It's a great way to let nature comfort heartache."

The Moderns and Rustic-New Birdhouses & Feeders July 28 2016

It's a stark contrast, a difference in tastes... contemporary designs and rustic styles. Sometimes even paired together for a bold statement in the garden and/or in the home.

Some groovy new (and old) birdhouses and bird feeders have arrived in both styles! One is crafted in Germany, the other, right here in Atlanta.

The rustic birdhouses are one-of-a-kinds, no mass production and no knock-offs from overseas. Complete with all the features of a birdies' dream home too! Although totally functional and meant for feathered friends, we're confident a few will end up as indoor decor... so sorry little guys!

Rustic Birdhouse Church Birdhouses 
Tall Rustic Birdhouses Tall Rustic Church Bird House

On the flip side, crafted in Germany, are these sleek and contemporary bird feeder/bird bath combinations. Stainless Steel and Aluminum, they're pole mounted (pole included) and offer great versatility for your birds. With simplistic design this feeder/bath combo offers up fresh water or just about any treats; seed, suet and nuggets, peanuts, fruit, even live meal worms in the porcelain dish (we promise the mealies won't crawl out).

Mod bird feeder/bird bath  Modern Bird Feeder/Birdbath Combo

Back to the rustic is a killer huge ground bird that's hand carved of teak root. Dense and most durable, the bulk of teak wood found in the garden is contemporary furniture. So this rustic bird bath (extra large and not even listed yet for sale) looks pretty amazing when paired with a mod birdhouse or feeder.

Extra Large Teak Ground Bird Bath

Whatever your style, birds will appreciate the offerings, be it food in a cool bird feeder, fresh water in a sleek bird bath, and/or shelter in the form of rustic birdhouses... please help house the birds :)

And the inspiration for pairing rustic with mod? Check out this cool number... want one, need one!

rustic teak bowl paired with mod faucet


Need A Big Daddy Gift? Try Dovecote Birdhouses June 19 2016

Happy Fathers' Day

To show Dad how special he really is... nothing beats these vinyl birdhouses and bird feeders! They look like wood and they're guaranteed for life. From small to tall and everything in between, these houses and feeders simply rock.

Instead of the usual product shots, here's a peek as to how they really look in the landscape, and any dad who digs birds would be stoked to get one!

Here's a quick video of actual photos sent in by customers and a few local installations around Atlanta, GA.

Oh sorry, one of the greatest Beatles tunes ever... blocked for copyright :(

A Bit of Hummingbird Magic in the Mist June 08 2016

A story from a customer in Canada is well worth a share.. Thanks Joan!

Some Hummingbird Magic with Moving water"From the sounds of it, I just might have to enlarge my collection of bird-enticing accessories.  I was considering the mister, but decided on a dripper, for now.  Maybe I’ll add a mister, once I decide on an appropriate location.  I have to relate a story ...  something that happened to me last year, which was the most enthralling experience I’d had with any bird. 


We were in a bit of drought, in our area. On one of those days when we were allowed to water our plants, I used a hand-held hose.  I was quietly standing at the corner of our house ....  right at the end of a hummingbird flight “corridor”, between ourselves and our neighbors.  I was in my “zen” frame of mind, standing quietly, with the hose on a gentle spray, when I heard a hummingbird.  One flew right in front of me, through the spray.  I froze.   He landed on a lilac bush, and immediately returned, through the spray. 
I couldn’t believe what was happening.  I slowly turned down the force of the spray, to make it even more gentle.  The hummingbird came back, through the spray and onto the bush to preen.  If I thought that was amazing, I was completely unprepared for what happened next.
The little hummingbird flew into the spray, and stopped!  It was no more than 3 or 4 feet away from me.  He turned to face me, dropped his body so it was perpendicular to the ground, opened/fanned out his lower feathers, and opened his wings.  He was hovering, totally perpendicular, facing me, and the spray from the hose.  He stayed like that for maybe 15-20 seconds.  I was totally stunned.  We ‘locked’ eyes   lol .....  
And absolutely no one was around to see.   In my mind, I was screaming at my husband to come out and see what was happening !
That’s what has prompted me to look for something water-related for hummingbirds, for this summer.  After all, I can’t stand by the side of the house, with a hose, waiting for a hummingbird to fly past  LOL"

Joan's right, you can't stand around all day, but for pennies a day, leaf misters will entice the tiny sprites to your place. Butterflies and songbirds love them too! easy to install and versatile in the garden.

Dovecotes in the Landscape... at a Really Big Shew! March 22 2016

Copper Roof Bird Feeder and Houses grace the landscape booth

Throngs of people poured through Cobb Galleria in Atlanta this past weekend to check out wares displayed at the biggest Home Show in the US. We were thrilled to be a part of it thanks to Cole and Company Landscaping in Marietta, GA.

The booth was almost magical, with tons of plants and shrubs packed in for effect. Hydrangeas, camellia, azalea, spiarea, scotch pines, dwarf cypress, ornamental grasses and several miniatures filled the space with natural beauty creating a wonderful habitat. Local, native plants like these greatly benefit wildlife and the landscape with minimal care.

Cobalt bottles on simple stakes, concrete toad stools and tea for two... the only thing missing was the rabbit with watch who's late for his date! It appeared like a scene from Alice in Wonderland. The fairy cottage was just perfect for the space, and our copper roof bird feeder and houses set the focal point.

Lots of interest and inquiries as the birdhouses & feeders are vinyl and guaranteed for life. The landscape company nabbed several clients, but personally... my fave had to be the $7500 massage chair! Lots of work... but a fun weekend was had by all.


Milk, Bread and Mealworms ~ Snowmageddon 2016! January 24 2016

Woodpecker at suet feeder in snow

While the Northeast got pummeled by snow, Atlanta was lucky enough to receive only a light dusting this time. But in the South, you must understand, the mere mention of snow sends folks into a panic which depletes grocery store shelves!

So if you happen to be one of those crazy bird people, and your mealworm stash is running low... you add them to your grocery list for your bird's survival over the next few days. Yes, birding has become so popular that even grocery stores offer smaller bags of dried worms. Steep these in boiling water and you've got a delectable meal for bluebirds, warblers, chickadees & titmice to name a few!

Another high-calorie, easy to feed treat? Peanut Butter! Woodpeckers, warblers and nuthatches love it (not to mention squirrels if they'll brave the cold) and this one offers lots of extra fat and protein for calories to sustain body heat overnight. Grab a spoon and slather right on a tree trunk. The very top-left corner of image below reveals a pine warbler ready for some good eats!

Woodpecker and warbler eat peanut butter on cold days

Suet feeders, peanuts, peanut butter, sunflower and even thistle seed for finches are ideal for cold-weather munchies. There's easy suet recipes you can whip up in a snap, and we just found this gourmet recipe for seed logs on social media too!

The pictures  aren't the best quality as they're snapped through the window... hey, it's just too cold out for bare hands.

Remember feathered friends during rough weather like this, offer a fresh water source and please feed the birds!

Swell Gift Ideas for Non-Birders Too December 16 2015

Still have some names looming on your list? Judging by the traffic and half-crazed people in the stores today, we're hedging that many folks haven't yet found their perfect gift choices?

We're offering up a few ideas the non-birder might thoroughly enjoy well beyond the holidays. Metal yard art that's hand made in Mexico is a fun choice, with critters like spring chickens, laughing cows, billy goats, pigs (some that fly), dogs and more!

Know a State Farm agent? A while back we had a run on farm critters... they now grace a few agents' offices with the most whimsical character! Know a city dweller who yearns for the country? The recycled metal animals rock!

Recycled Metal Rocking Chickens  recyled metal billy goat Spotted pig metal yard art

Know someone who just moved in with bare wall syndrome? Artsy wall hangings of natural driftwood or pine cones are cool, and ceramic tiles make unique gifts that last! You can even start them really small with birdhouses...  in the way of ornaments!

Handcrafted Pine Cone Owls Wall Decor   Witty Stoneware Plaques Handmade birdhouse ornaments

If all fails... the Shroom of Doom is perfect for any kitchen! A handmade stoneware fruit fly trap that's cool enough for the counter. Nifty-gifty, functional art... fruit flies be gone! Carpenter bees in summer? We've got a great trap that's proven and effective against the wood-eating insects.

Stoneware Fruit Fly Trap   Carpenter Bee Trap

See? Check the home & garden section for fab gifts... even if they're not crazy bird folks. Best to shake a tail feather though as time is running out!

Wishing you and yours a sane holiday, filled with laughter, light and love~