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Spring 2019 Newsletter May 04 2019

Orioles, Buntings & Grosbeaks, Oh My!

Bluebirds are already nesting but they'll brood 2 to 3 clutches each spring... there's still time for a new house and these birds of happiness. Hummingbirds have made their debut and more migratory fliers are en route! Entice them to your place with fresh water, fun feeders, nesting materials, and housing too!

Migartory Birds Arriving Daily

We wish you blue...

Shop Bluebird Houses and Bluebird Feeders

Bluebirds are already nesting but they'll brood 2 to 3 clutches each spring... there's still time for a new house and these birds of happiness. Hummingbirds have made their debut and more migratory fliers are en route! Entice them to your place with fresh water, fun feeders, nesting materials, and housing too!

Birdhouse placement in open area is best with trees or fence nearby to perch. Pole- or post-mounted houses are safest from predators. Using a baffle after the first egg has been laid also helps keep nestlings safe. One bluebird house in front and one in the back is best so they're not within view of each other. Watch for the perched male bluebird with the suave "wing-tip" - it's a pick-up line for attracting a mate, the chatter is simply joyful!

Check out for answers to any possible bluebird-related question!

We wish you orange... and yellow too!

Shop Oriole and Thistle Bird Feeders

Migrations are the most exciting times for backyard birders. In spring more so than fall, as birds are returning to summer breeding grounds. Even resident birds become somewhat animated once the weather breaks. Seemingly overnight, goldfinches have molted drab winter plumage for electric yellow feathers and once again- they're swarming thistle feeders! One of the latest nesting birds (June-July), Hummer Helper Nest Material is highly popular among goldfinches too.

For such tiny birds, warblers can go through some meal worms, and cardinals partake too, it's a sign they're feeding nestlings hidden in trees and shrubs. Spring fever abounds and everyone is eager to get the party started!

Check for Spring 2019 maps of all migratory fliers and know when to expect hummingbirds, orioles, butterflies and more. The key is being ready before they arrive!

Leaf Mister for Hummingbirds and Butterflies

Tiny sprites are on the move too, well into the southeast and headed your way. Attract them to your garden with Hummer Helper, bubbling bird baths, clean feeders and nectar-producing native plants. Audubon's native plant directory is a great resource.

If you haven't yet taken the plunge- make this the season to make your own nectar.One cup of plain table sugar (cane) to four cups of water. Absolutely nothing else as it's harmful/fatal for the tiny birds! Boiling the water is not necessary, though 1 cup of boiling water dissolves sugar quickly. Add 3 cups of cold water and lose the cooling time, fill feeders and done. Store unused nectar in the fridge for about  two weeks.

Moving water rocks! new birdbath, old bird bath, plant saucer... whatever! Keep it clean and shallow for birds' safety. Solar and electric accessories abound for turning boring birdbath into day spa! Drippers, Misters, Wigglers and Bubblers to name a few. Optimal depth is just 2 to 3" maximum. A few river rocks or large stones in the bath serves birds well.

Hummer Helper Nesting Material's endorsed by The Hummingbird Society. It brings more birds to feeders as juveniles learn to use them. Goldfinches (and others who don't use birdhouses) will also partake to construct cozy digs.

Parasol Hummingbird Feeders are crafted in Mexico from recycled glass. Great quality feeders with top-fill designs and perches in single, double and triple vessels. Find larger capacity hummingbird feeders too!

Family style dining with the Triple Orb offers several smaller feeders to help reduce territorial scuffles among the tiny sprites! Remove the lid for a year-round use dish feeder and attract resident birds with mealworms, suet, shelled peanuts and more!

Hand feeding hummingbirds was all the rage last year (and still is) but the Mask... omg! Totally interactive, the Humm-Viewer offers a whole new perspective for ultimate thrills and the magic hummingbirds possess!

Oh heck- we'll be here forever copying this stuff when we could be in the garden and with the birds!

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Happy Spring and Happy Birding!

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