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Holiday Gift Idea 6: Unique Planters or Wind Chime

October 14, 2019 1 min read

Unique Planters and Wind Chimes

What do ya mean- they're not into birds???
Wreath Planters or Wind Chimes are brilliant gift ideas because being outdoors preserves sanity and soothes the soul.

The handmade Living Wreath Planter is ideal for succulents and it's easily hung or displayed flat. Give a colorful Garden Bell or Wind Chime to promote tranquility, they're long-lasting gifts any non-birder would love to have!

Living Wreath Planter for Succulents
Living Wreath Planter
Handmade Canada

Rainbow Driftwood Wind Chime
Rainbow Driftwood Wind Chime

Tree of Life Garden Bell
Tree of Life Garden Bell

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