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New Twist on Bird Seed Trays

June 04, 2014 2 min read

Here's Why Adjustable Bird Seed Trays Rock

There's a new twist on seed trays and we're not talking the old twist-on kind either.

Adjustable seed catchers not only work with virtually any feeder, they'll even work with pole mounted ones. In small or large size, these are called SeedHoops, with a large 30-inch diameter.
This soft mesh and spacious platform not only catches fallen seed, it provides an awesome new feeding space for birds who may never have visited your feeder before.

Durable, adjustable and economical, these birdseed trays absolutely rock!

In use at our own place, we've discovered a helpful tip to ensure longer life when using them on a pole-mounted feeder shown here.

In the center, an X or slit must be cut to accommodate the pole. We've learned over time through removing and replacing the tray for cleaning, the slit has become enlarged, allowing loose seed to fall through to the ground. The answer is small piece of duct tape, because duct tape fixes anything! By applying a thin strip of tape around the slit, damage will not occur.

Ground waste (and some of the critters it may attract) can be a huge bummer when feeding backyard birds. It's one of the reasons people quit feeding. But clean feeding is possible!
  • Use a quality seed mix with no fillers, this is what usually ends up on the ground anyway. Corn, millet, milo and other cheap fillers are never first pickings-birds will toss these seeds out to get the good stuff.
  • Use bird seed trays to avoid ground mess. SeedHoops work well with just about any hanging feeders too.
  • Offer suet which is a no-waste food. It appeals to both migratory and resident birds for year-round use. No-Melt brands are great for warmer weather, while traditional recipes provide optimal fat and calories that give birds energy to stay warm in frigid weather.