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Copper & Vinyl Knock-Off Birdhouses Can Be Scary!

September 29, 2022 2 min read

Original Copper and Vinyl Birdhouses are US Made

In time for Halloween...Haunted houses ghosts, goblins and ghouls can be pretty scary... it's tradition, right? But not birdhouses... they should not be scary! What we find even scarier is when US companies knock-off your copper and vinyl birdhouse designs and have them made in China.

It happened years ago (approximately 10 or so) when a large chain store copied a dovecote design and sent it overseas for manufacturing. Identical, it really was except they were made from copper and cheap wood- lasting about one year. We blogged about it then on our wordpress blog: Unique Birdhouse Boutique.

They say mimicry is the nicest form of flattery, but it's outright ridiculous when one can legally copy a birdhouse to the "T" insanely matching the originals which are USA made. We can promise it is not the same birdhouse. Seeing at them show, the vinyl is half the thickness of our birdhouses and the copper roof so thin it felt like plastic. Don't get knocked- off!  So unnerving- even the birdhouse catalog was copied

Here's how to spot this oh-so microscopic difference.

Copper-Vinyl Birdhouse Knock-Offs

Above are the knock-offs. On the birdhouse as well as the feeder- check the arched opening. If looking closely, notice there's a point at the top of the arch.

Check our birdhouse and bird feeder below and notice the arch is smooth. That minuscule change is what legally allows someone to copy your product. Fairly ridiculous!

Original Copper & Vinyl Bird FeederOriginal Copper & Vinyl Birdhouse

Again, just bear in mind the knock-offs are manufactured in China (cheaply) while our birdhouses are USA made. They're guaranteed for life and we've been offering them for 15 years. Just check the reviews... and don't get knocked off!