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Super Fun Hummingbird Feeder Seen on Shark Tank

January 09, 2023 1 min read

HummViewer Hummingbird Feeder in Use

HummViewer Hummingbird Feeder Seen on Shark Tank

Yes, it was seen on Shark Tank and yes, they sold out upon the show's airing. No need to fret if you missed out, the Hummviewer is available for purchase and expected to ship by the end of February.

Interactive... the absolute best when it comes to nature and especially hummingbirds! The thrill and joy of being immersed in this magical experience is completely mesmerizing and out of this world!

Offering Hummviewer Hummingbird Feeders for about three or four years now, it was just as thrilling to see the creators (and our friends) on Shark Tank pitching their wonderful invention. And to get a deal yet... just beyond words!

Thousands of feeders sold in a matter of hours immediately after their pitch. There's going to be a lot of happy hummers (and humans) this spring.

What else can one use to attract the tiny sprites?

    Nectar-producing flowers: Native's always best! Blue salvia and lantana in the SE. Check Audubon's Native Plant Database for your area's best plants for birds.

    Water: Fresh water rocks! Leaf misters, birdbath drippers and bubblers keep water from stagnating. Moving water brings more birds!

    Nesting Material: Made especially for hummingbirds (though goldfinches and others do partake) Hummer Helper encourages nesting around your yard.

    For those in AZ and on the west coast... lucky you to have the magical birds year-round. For the rest of us... migration will be underway very soon.

    Safe travels little ones!