Gift Idea 11- The Gift of Zen Sculptures & Chimes

Gift Idea 11- The Gift of Zen Sculptures & Chimes

Gift Guide Day 11- Zen Sculpture for Home or Garden

After all, who couldn't use a little tranquility?
Swell gift ideas for non-birders too!

From the Decor selection, give something cool to grace their place, soothe the soul and relax the mind... handcrafted gifts will be cherished for many years to come.

A large lava stone Buddha Face Sculpture is free-standing and equally suited for indoors or garden. He's just nice to look at, nicer to have your very own for a bit of mellow in a fast-paced world! Beautifully hand carved with detail and natural texture, his rich dark color bodes well in just about any space.
Large Lava Stone Buddha Face Sculpture

The Namaste Frog Sculpture adds a whimsical and peaceful character to the atmosphere. Standing 8-inches tall, he won't tip over at a hefty 5 lbs. With a quirky smile and meditative pose, he brings warmth and joy to all lovers and collectors of amphibians!
Namaste Frog Sculpture

The Tranquility Table Chime is ideal for home or workplace. Even the design offers a pleasing simplicity. Just give it a tap when escape is required! The perfectly toned soothing sound can help clear the mind, putting things back into perspective. Yes, please!
Tranquility Table Wind Chime

Good things come in small packages too! Check the hand-blown glass Hummingbird Sun Catchers for any hummingbird fancier. In warm or cool pallet, they magically catch light for extended gazing time.

Detours of Life Garden Plaques make a really fun gift though a sense of humor is required. 4 sayings from which to choose, the handcrafted weatherproof stoneware endures indefinitely. Complete with leather hanger.

And if you happened to notice... someone messed up big time on the 11th- and 12th-day icons for the Twelve Days of Christmas... but we still find them fun, colorful and serving the purpose for this year's holiday gift guide :)