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Gift Idea 10- A Hanging Bird Bath to Soothe the Soul

December 15, 2016 2 min read

Gift Idea 10- A Hanging Bird Bath to Soothe the Soul

Gift Idea 10- Hanging Bird BathEven if they have no yard at all... you can get someone hooked on birds by gifting a cool hanging bird bath! Fresh water was, is, and always will be the easiest way to entice feathered friends!  

Perfect size for any space, they work well on the balcony, deck, front porch, or in the garden. Hanging from a tree branch, garden pole, deck bracket or simple wall hook, birds seek fresh water on a daily basis.  Just keep it fresh (and shallow) and they will come! 

Choose from unique hanging baths that are handcrafted of copper, ceramic or glass. Warm tones or cool hues look swell in the landscape, texture and patterns can offer an interesting focal point as well... although the birds aren't picky at all!

Ceramic Hanging Bird Bath

The Daisy Ceramic Bath offers a whimsical style, with vivid color and texture, definitely art for the soul!

Maybe a Tiffany-inspired glass birdbath would tickle their fancy? Reasonably priced, it's beautifully crafted with soothing warm colors that contrast naturally with surroundings. Functional art for the birds!

Tiffany Glass Hanging Bird Bath

Contemporary designs in solid copper are hip and so sleek. A little higher-end, the copper will patina over the years for a more natural look in the garden. Birds love these things, and there's even a matching bird feeder. Both are available in medium or large sizes so you give the look without a hefty price tag. 

Handcrafted in the Blue Ridge Mountains by European metal-crafter Vasse Vaught, the Vogeli designs are timeless pieces for all ages and all songbirds. Place a large rock or a few rivers stones inside the bird bath for safety and easy footing.
Hanging Copper Bird Bath

Give a hanging bird bath and offer someone the gift of nature, because it gives back tenfold. Birding is addictive... in a most positive way that soothes the soul and quiets the mind. Nothing to plug-in or download, no saves or back-ups required. So simple yet so refreshing!