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Gift Idea 5- Edible Birdhouses & Festive Seed Treats

November 23, 2016 2 min read

Gift Idea 5- Edible Birdhouses & Festive Seed Treats

Gift Guide Day 5- Edible Birdhouses and Festive Seed TreatsGifting an Edible Birdhouse like the Bed & Breakfast or Wren Casita is really like two gifts-in-one!

Fun to give yet more fun to receive, birds love these things for several reasons. The premium seed offers a tasty food source, while the real wooden birdhouse beneath is awesome for nesting in spring.

Bed and Breakfast Edible BirdhouseBeyond that and once seed is consumed, beaked buddies will even find these festive birdhouses a cozy roost for cold nights.

Fun for the recipient (if the least bit crafty) houses may be painted or stained for a joyful project. Wood may also be left untreated to weather naturally over time.

Overall, it's a festively fun bird feeder, functional wood birdhouse, and artsy-fartsy, rainy day project for the recipient :)

Other large seed treats birds adore are Peanut Snowman (noms) and the Deluxe Fruit & Pecan Wreath. Finally a fruitcake somebody likes!

Deluxe Pecan and Fruit Wreath for BirdsNo-Waste Seed Wreath comes beautifully boxed on a bed of straw with a nice hanging net. The cool thing here is that the straw will be most popular once nesting season is underway.

A natural material found in many nests (like dried grasses) straw and net should be saved for spring offerings! Add some pet hair or feathers to the net along with straw and birds will be all over this like white on rice!

If opting for this DIY bird project, omit dryer lint, it's just not something found in nature. Straw should also be cut into small sections (just a few inches at most) because little birdie feet can get tangled in long strands causing big problems... really.

Giving an Edible Birdhouse or Festive Seed Wreath offers the recipient a multi-use gift their feathered friends will adore now and later!