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Gift Idea 6- Copper/Vinyl Birdhouse

November 24, 2016 2 min read

Gift Idea 6- Copper/Vinyl Birdhouse

Gift Guide Day 6- Copper/Vinyl Birdhouse

Simply because your loved one is worth it!

A most impressive gift from small to tall, our copper roof birdhouses range from bluebird houses to purple martin mansions. Although both of these birds prefer open space, some serious ground is required for the extreme martin mansion.

The true beauty lies in their durability. Although they look like wood, vinyl birdhouses and feeders wear just like vinyl siding on a house. They're guaranteed against cracking, splitting, warping or mildew. Virtually impervious to the elements, take the garden hose and a soft cloth to clean environmental build-up.Copper-Vinyl Bluebird Birdhouse

Copper portals or perches adorn both single and multi-entry designs. Finials are composite resin, so no breakdown there either. Roof lifts for easy nest clean-out and vinyl decorative brackets are included on medium and large birdhouses. Smaller sizes include vinyl mounting bracket with detailed trim.

So many stunning birdhouses it's really a tough call!

Should I get a birdhouse or feeder?
One will definitely see more activity at a bird feeder, but it must be maintained... in other words, kept filled with fresh seed and cleaned periodically.

Really wanna see a jaw drop when you give their gift? This square mid-size birdhouse has been a best seller season after season.



Two-Story Copper & Vinyl BirdhouseShown with a shiny copper roof, each birdhouse is made to order with choice of bright or aged patina copper.

They ship within 1-2 of days of ordering, and transit time to most of US is just 2-3 days via Standard FedEx. But don't wait till the last minute because the sheer volume of packages being sent across the country is monstrous!

Regardless of the style or size, each is a distinctive garden accent offering timeless elegance. Crafted in the USA, they'll host many successful broods over the years.

Your other half, parents, grown children, siblings, aunt, uncle or dear friends will absolutely flip for one of these beauties! Witness some real joy with the best birdhouse gift out there!

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Please help house the birds :)

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