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This Winter Super-Food Requires No Bird Feeder!

January 10, 2018 1 min read

Red-Headed Wood Pecker Eats Peanut Butter So we got the idea from this cool suet feeder which utilizes any type of spreadable suet. The two panels separate to be filled with the gooey mixture. Recycled plastic (or poly-lumber) is made with rough texture like tree bark, which makes it easy for birds to cling.

All woodpeckers, warblers, titmice, chickadees and others may be seen chowing down on the high-fat, high protein meal.

Since most suet cakes and spreadable suet brands contain peanut butter, and since the Suet Sandwich Feeder resembles tree bark- we tried some peanut butter right on a tree trunk. It worked amazingly well for several species... and squirrels, which can be positive or negative depending on one's point of view?

Red Bellied Woodpecker eating peanut butter from tree

Peanut butter is ideal for cold weather feeding, whether you have one bird feeder or eight feeders- the birds will find the goods. Any brand is good, but extra crunchy is best! Go for the normal variety though, none of this low fat, no sugar stuff when it comes to feathered friends, the less chemicals- the better.

Buying in the institutional size jar or double promotional pack makes it an inexpensive way to try a new bird food, and an ideal treat for freezing temperatures.

Give your birds a little extra food and variety should your locale be experiencing a deep freeze or frigid weather. Peanut butter slapped on a tree is so simple, fairly inexpensive and there's no new feeder's required! The birds will thank you :)