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Sweet Treats for Birds On Sale

February 01, 2018 2 min read

Save up to 50% on Select Bird Seed Treats and Deluxe Seed Wreaths for Winter Bird Feeding

Edible Birdhouses on Sale

Although these birdie treats might appear to have a winter or holiday character... the birds have no idea... plus it's still winter in most parts! Offering extra calories required for overnight warmth, these yummy feeders and edible birdhouses are sure to be a huge hit with your feathered friends. The Birdies Bed & Breakfast is a real wooden birdhouse beneath, and once seed is consumed offers a fine home for bluebirds, chickadees, titmice and others. For a fun rainy day project, stain or paint the birdhouse, or leave natural to weather over time. The trick for occupancy is to have the birdhouse placed outdoors prior to nesting season, allowing ample time for discovery and staking claim!

Deluxe Fruit and Nut Wteath

Large Seed Treats make great Valentine's Day gifts and last far longer than flowers or candy! In fact, they're gifts with real purpose for any nature or bird lover. Here's a fruitcake that's sure to be a big hit!

The Deluxe Pecan & Fruit Wreath is gourmet goods for birds! For the host, it's an awesome no-waste solution and special treat for beaked buddies in cold winter weather. It comes with a hanging net for optimal use. Save the net for offering nesting materials in early spring! And for heaven's sake- keep it away from critters with a squirrel baffle.

The Peanut Snowman is just that... chopped peanuts with a bit of thistle seed for finches. Protein-packed with fat and calories, birds adore this guy! Another no-waste option for clean feeding and a totally fun gift, he's 50% off while supplies last!

Treat birds well this winter to help them thrive and survive frigid weather. Don't forget the fresh water with a separate bird bath heateror heated birdbath.

Birds will thank you by putting on exquisite shows to cure any winter blues on the dreariest of days!

And don't forget your Valentine by giving a most unique gift with real purpose. But we'll save those suggestions for the next post. For now, take advantage of clearance prices on deluxe bird seed treats before they're gone!