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Bee Habitat with Predator Guard

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Easy Bee Shelter offers a safe place for beneficial solitary bees.

Garden Bee House attracts several solitary species to your garden for nesting and protects them through their life cycle. Promotes pollination in your garden for healthier blooms, fruits and vegetables.

Hanging habitat provides an ideal nest spot and over-wintering space for mason, orchard and other beneficial pollinating bees. Affix lid to back of can for safe keeping in spring and summer. Attach lid to protect tubes in fall, it keeps predators (like woodpeckers) at bay while protecting your next generation of bees!

Simply place the bee house in a quiet, sheltered sunny spot, about 5-6 ft. height is optimal. Best to avoid windy areas- near flowers and/or a water source is even better. Hang the bee house in the garage or shed during extremely cold winters.

Clean-out and tube replacement is recommended every few years for bees to thrive and flourish. Replacement tubes are readily available. Garden Bee House is complete with directions and some cool information too!

Add the Garden Bee House to your place and help beneficial pollinators thrive!

Measures 6.75" x 4" x 4"
Item Weight 1.3 lb.
Material: Metal, Rubber, Cardboard

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