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Paisley Vinyl Bluebird House


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Vinyl Bluebird House adds cool colors to the garden while offering Eastern Blues a swell place to raise their young!

Fledgling ladder inside helps little ones up and out when it's time. 1.5-inch entry is also suited for tree swallows, titmice and other friendly fliers. With proper ventilation and drainage, and metal predator guard, the roof removes for nest clean-out.

Paisley Bluebird House is just about maintenance-free to host many successful broods over the years! Easy to hang with back notch, complete with superior features to make bird families safe, cozy and right at home. Makes an ideal roost during the off-season as well.

Entice bluebirds to take up residence in this vivid yet sturdy bird abode!

Made in the USA
Measures 6x6x12
Item Weight 1.5 lb.
May also be pole mounted (flanges sold separately)

*Nests should be removed once all babies have fledged because bluebirds typically brood 2-3 clutches per season. Preferring to build a new, clean nest each time, bluebird houses may remain occupied from February through August depending on your location.

Optimal mounting height is 5-6 ft. Open areas are preferred, birdhouse should be shaded during hottest afternoon sun to protect nestlings from overheating.