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Western/Mountain Bluebird House-NABS Approved


A fine bluebird houses to host many successful broods! Approved by the North American Bluebird Society,

With a slightly larger nest floor and entrance hole than eastern boxes, this bluebird house is ideal for Western and Mountain Bluebirds. Features a side door for easy monitoring and cleaning, and a predator guard to thwart bigger bully birds and furry paws!
Range for this house: Breeds in throughout the West, north from western Alberta and southern British Columbia, south down the West Coast to Baja and east to eastern New Mexico and western Texas. Winters within most of the breeding range.
Habitat: Open woodlands and pastures.

Hand crafted of eastern white pine
Made in the USA.
Measures 12-1/2" tall x 6.75" wide x 9" deep.

North American Bluebird Society approved bluebird house.