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Hummer Helper Kit

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Hummingbird Nesting Material Kit entices tiny sprites to take up residence around your place!

Place this hummingbird nest material along with hummingbird feeders to attract even more sprites to your yard! Hummer Helper is the only nesting material proven to be used by hummingbirds. Innovative cage design allows excellent air flow keeping nesting material dry. The large wire basket measures 11" x 6.5" and refill material is available (sold separately). The starter kit comes with basket and nesting material.

The Hummingbird Society gave a glowing review of Hummer Helper after trying it at their office and at home.

"We recommend this product, the first we've seen aimed at encouraging hummingbird nesting in a natural way. It has the potential to help you bring more hummers where you can observe them and then to increase the odds that they will nest near you. The latter will also assure that more fledglings will visit your feeders. And, since hummers practice "site fidelity" and return to the same site every year, you could see an increasing number of hummingbirds in the future."
(Article excerpt from Ross Hawkins--Director of The Hummingbird Society)

Check out this cool video of the nesting kit in use!

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