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Unique Bird Baths & Accessories

Bird Baths are by far the most effective way to attract birds and keep them coming back! Find unique bird baths for an ultimate habitat, handcrafted in ceramics, copper, glass and stoneware. Add fun bath accessories to keep water moving and further entice more feathered friends!
What's the best bird bath to get? The one you will maintain! Beyond good looks, consider what's entailed to keep the bath clean and the water fresh. Whether a hanging bird bath, pedestal or deck-mounted style, you'll find exquisite high quality designs to enhance the garden and and complement your environment.

Consistent fresh water is the single most important element to offer wild birds, and moving water acts as a visual magnet for them. Use fresh water to attract more beaked buddies, even those who may not visit your feeders. Our unique baths are available in pedestal and hanging styles, with deck-mounted and large ground designs too. Most are hand crafted in the USA, with quality to last for many seasons of use.

Add moving water to your garden and create an ultimate oasis! Bath accessories like drippers, leaf misters and water wigglers not only increase the number of bird species seen, but their volume too. Try a deck-mounted birdbath to catch close up activity, even a hanging birdbath on the patio or porch is perfect for small spaces. Fresh water is key to creating a wildlife friendly-habitat, it helps birds thrive while ensuring a better bird-watching experience for you!

Please Note: Free Shipping does not apply to most Pedestal and Staked Bird Baths.
CA, WA, OR, ID, NV, AZ, UT, MT incur $20 fee as actual shipping costs are considerably higher on these multiple-box, large items.