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Carpenter Bee Trap

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Effective, Simple & Proven - A Carpenter Bee Trap That Really Works!

Trap destructive Carpenter Bees simply and effectively! No lures, no smelly mixtures, easily mount this bee trap in area with at least partial sun (a few hours per day) to warm the box. Place it near where Carpenter Bees tend to congregate, or near existing bee holes. Set this trap up once and forget it, watch Carpenter Bees accumulate in the glass jar.

Included jar holds hundreds of bees, and should not be emptied until after the season. This is because Carpenter Bees are attracted to other carpenter Bees! Hand crafted, White Pine Bee Trap will last for many seasons of use, and won't lure any other (beneficial) species of bees. Includes sturdy metal brackets and mounting screws for fast and simple installation.

Absolutely proven to work, this Carpenter Bee Trap will rid your home of destructive Carpenter Bees once and for all! Handcrafted in the USA.

Measures 12.5" x 5.5" x 5" (without jar)
Weight 2 lb.
New box size is slightly shorter than shown, tested and confirmed to perform without the bulk

New box size is slighly smaller than shown, tested and confirmed to perform without the bulk - See more at:

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