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Finch Magic Thistle Sock

Use these convenient mesh finch feeders to attract more goldfinches to your place!

Goldfinches' timid demure inhibits them from competing for food. So if your thistle feeder is crowded, these innovative little thistle socks are an ideal way to turn missed opportunities into a meal! Especially useful during finches' busy nesting season in late June through August.

Birds cling to the sturdy black mesh while feeding, they're able to feed upside down too. Larger birds can not access the seed, and the feeder's design eliminates more waste than regular thistle feeders. Simply hang from tree branch or hook with attached cord, refillable and simple to use.

Thistle or nyjer also attracts tree, song and chipping sparrows, chickadees, juncos, towhees, house and purple finches, buntings, pine siskins, if these species are native to your area.

Made in the USA
Holds 1 Quart Thistle Seed
Measures 10.5" tall x 4" wide
Material: Nylon Mesh, Plastic Lock
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    United States

    Great Finch Sock

    Because of stiff fabric, it's a little hardto fill, but it doesn't absorb rain and dew so it doesn't discolor and the ground sunflower/niger seeds dont stick together in a moldy mess.

    Deborah D.
    United States United States

    Nyjer Sock Works Great

    I now have beautiful Goldfinches. 2 Males, 2 females now. So pleased that my bird visitors have increased. It took about a week for them to finally decide the sock was worthy of their time, but they are sold on it, and come also to my standard seed feeder too. Loving the Nyjer sock. Wonderful. Thank you again for this help.

    shanna g.
    United States United States

    Thistle Sock

    One of my favorite birds is the yellow finch and I wait to see them each spring. I love this sock feeder because it attracts them! The feed all day and night and the sock lasts all summer!

    Loujean W.
    United States

    finch thistle sock

    the socks are great. And the longer one was wonderful. Thanks so much. Appreciate all the updates on birding. Wonderful surprise. Thanks for everything. We have about 40 Gold Finches at our feeders.

    Todd P.

    Most NATURAL WAY TO EAT!!!!!!!!!

    Thistle (nyjer) socks are by far and away the BEST way to offer nyjer to Goldfinches and other species that LOVE to dine on it !!! This is because the sock perfectly mimics the way they feed in the wild. Extracting thistle from a sock is the same as a Goldfinch sitting atop a thistle plant and picking out the seeds. And when given a choice nyjer eating species will choose to eat from a sock over all other feeders every single time because in the end IT'S THE MOST NATURAL WAY FOR THEM TO EAT!!!!!!!!!!