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Unique Bird Feeders

Cool bird feeders to entice feathered friends
From traditional to mod and edgy creations, find unique bird feeders you haven't seen before! Attract songbirds in style and for many seasons to come. Find large capacity hoppers, fly-thru feeders, platforms, tube bird feeders and more. Functionally fun, handcrafted art for thoughtful gifts... for you and avian friends too!

Unique feeders to entice and please feathered friends!

Find large capacity styles for less time filling and more time viewing. Fly-thru and platform feeders offer versatility to change up treats with seasons and attract more species. Recycled plastic bird feeders will never crack, split or warp.

Create a simple oasis in your garden with the addition of a few accessories and some avian-friendly landscaping. Add birdhouses for nesting, and a birdbath to offer consistent fresh water- this is important stuff for friendly fliers! When landscaping keep evergreens in mind, also for nesting and shelter... because not all birds use houses! Native trees and shrubs bearing seeds, berries or fruit will always serve birds well.

For any nature lovers that might be on your list, wild bird feeders make excellent and long-lasting gifts.