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Barn Swallow Nest Cups-Set/2


Hand made in the USA, our nesting cups will encourage Barn Swallows to take up residence
at your place, and even coax them from current inconvenient nesting spots! Nest cups may be placed under eaves on the porch, garage, or any other location that's protected from sun, rain and wind.

Allowing two feet of space from a corner makes them more appealing, swallows prefer to have full access to their nest... with the ability to enter/exit from both the right and left sides.

Features two counter sunk holes for easy mounting. Swallows will reuse these nest cups year after year. A fun bird to observe, they're most beneficial to your habitat too.
Weight is approximately 1 lb. each.
Set of two nest cups.

Check out this short story and pics sent in by a CA customer who successfully coaxed her barn swallows to their new digs!

Measures: 6 x 6 x 4
Made in the USA

A bit of background:
Current agricultural practices, buildings etc. are not conducive to nesting. Swallows can not attach their nests to smooth lumber, steel or vinyl, they need help! This artist did some research and came up with a terrific nesting cup to help barn swallows thrive. Upon a trial of 30 or so cups, he found they worked perfectly! There was a 50% occupancy rate. Over the next few years the nest cups were placed in different locations, in culverts, under the roads, under bridges, etc. The Barn Swallow population in this area now flourishes and thrives thanks to the efforts of one concerned craftsman.

Need a small or large quantity for a conservation project in your area? Just give us a call... we'd be thrilled to help with your efforts!

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