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Cardinal Alert Decals-Birds Attacking Windows

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CardinalAlert is a window decal designed to eliminate a bird's reflection along the bottom of a window.

The decal is designed specifically for birds who mount their attacks from a windowsill perch, for birds that repeatedly attack the same window.

Some highly territorial birds vigorously defend their territories and will repeatedly attack their own reflections. They do this because they perceive their reflection to be an intruder.

When a bird repeatedly attacks a window, it puts its own health and energy at risk. This activity can compromise the success of its nest and its brood.
The CardinalAlert has received rave reviews and works well for deterring bird attacks at windows.

One 48"x 6" static-cling decal strip.

*Due to the various and creative ways territorial birds may attack, we can not guarantee this product. Some birds fly around the decal while others peck it to shreds! Please note Cardinal Alert is designed for birds mounting their attack from windowsill perches. Likely candidates are cardinals, bluebirds and robins.

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