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Zany Cat-4 Ceramic Birdhouse

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Handcrafted Ceramic Funny Feline Birdhouse

Unique Birdhouse is handcrafted in weather-proof ceramic with a wicked sense of humor... and no two are alike!
An expressive piece of art to provide a perfect nesting site in spring, and swell roosting spot too. Whimsical, fun and functional functional, this funny feline bird house features an easy clean-out on back, proper ventilation, and a slot under the chin for an optional perch (though not required for birds).

These fun birdhouses work best beneath the eaves of your home or garage, or on a deck structure or garden arbor. Although the birdhouse may be mounted on a tree as well, it's suggested that it be mounted first onto a board.

Installation is simple, requiring only a screw or roofing nail. Once your location has been determined, anchor the nail or screw in the wall leaving just enough space between the anchor head and the wall to fit the thickness of the back surface of the birdhouse. The notched point on the back of the birdhouse will rest between the nail head and your structure.

A real conversation piece that's guaranteed to bring a smile, these clever and zany cat birdhouses promise to host many happy families over the years!

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Measures approximately 9-12" tall x 8-9" wide
Item Weight 9.0 lb.
Material: Clay/Pottery
Handmade USA

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