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Farm House Hopper Bird Feeder

Hopper style feeder with country character attracts all songbirds with room for everyone to dine!

4 ample perches allow multiple birds to feed at once, even cardinals who may shy away from smaller perches and tiny ledges. Drainage in seed tray helps keep seed dry. All metal construction ensures durability, with removable acrylic window panels for thorough cleaning.

Trusted hopper design entices chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and more, complements the garden any time of year.

Farm House Bird Feeder offers many seasons of use, simple to fill and clean, holds 2.8 lb. of seed. Accommodates all seed mixes and/or shelled peanuts.

Measures 10" tall x 6.67 wide" x 6.67" long
Item Weight 2.5 lb.
Material: Metal, Acrylic