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Hawk-Eye Wireless Camera for Birdwatching

Bird Cam turns your backyard into a live entertainment center!

•infrared night vision
•built-in microphone•
•70-degree wide angle, variable focus lens
•sun hood

Although transmission is wireless, the Hawk-Eye still requires a power source. Once powered on, it sends audio and video signals via wireless to a receiver, which then passes the signals to your television or computer (AV compatible).

Simply mount the Hawk Eye Camera in a birdhouse, next to a feeder, or anywhere you want to watch wildlife. Ideal for horses, livestock, pets... possibilities are endless! Can be used in full sunlight, or at night with infrared capabilities. Built in microphone lets you hear bird calls and songs, wind and rain, and other sounds of nature we so often miss.

Measures 1.25 x 1.0 x 1.25