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Leaf Mister for Butterflies, Hummingbirds & More

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Attract many a winged wonder with their own versatile spa!

Leaf Misters are an ideal way to entice butterflies and feathered friends. For leaf bathing and warm weather fun, misters may be staked, hung, or attached to a fence, branch or structure.

Sprays a gentle fine mist- perfect over foliage or over a boring birdbath, attracts the delightful antics of hummingbirds and butterflies... chickadees and goldfinches wait for them to start in the morning! Other songbirds and wildlife will appreciate the cooling mist on sweltering summer days as well.

Attaches to your outdoor spigot, using a minimal flow. Complete kit with everything required for easy installation. Comes with Y-valve so garden hose remains operable.

Flexible tubing offers several installation possibilities. Wrap around a plant stake with a twist-tie, or attach to a metal bracket on deck or porch rail. Leaf Misters can easily be attached to tree limbs and arbors too.

Comes with 50 feet of .25" tubing, regulating valve, faucet fitting and Y-valve.

Additional tubing available, includes connector.

Ground stake or deck bracket not included.

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