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Solar Bubbler Hanging Bird Bath


Hanging bird bath with solar power bubbler entices feathered friends for bathing and fun time!

Glass bowls feature rich color and sturdy iron hanging ring. Moving water stays fresher- costs nothing to operate.

Solar pump works instantly in full sun, includes 3 fountain heads and straight tube for bubbler. Cord from pump to panel is 10 feet, allowing birdbath to be shaded while panel catches sun. Panel must be in full sun for pump to operate, solar pump offers a one-year warranty,

Decorative stones or river rocks are recommended to both conceal the pump and give birds better footing with optimal landing and perching spots. River rocks are included, birdbath is available in vivid turquoise or poppy.

Measures 12" diameter x 4" deep at center

Hanging ring 16.5" tall
Item Weight 3.0 lb.

Please note:
•When used with fountain heads, spray tends to overshoot this bowl's 12" diameter. Best used as a bubbler... hummingbirds and others love them!
•Extreme temperature changes may cause cracking in glass bowl. Best to avoid icy cold water when bath is heated by sun.

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